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Monday, April 12 2021

I normally do not post pictures of myself but today I am. This picture is not a picture of beauty but it is a picture of God’s amazing Grace, Mercy, and Hand of Protection.

This is a story of God’s Unfailing Love and His Amazing Grace.

Friday afternoon, Kristen Doty and I went out to lunch to enjoy time together. Our conversation centered around God. His divine appointments for each of us and for our church. We chatted for 2 hours about God and His hand on each of us. We discussed how satan had been attacking our families. We talked about how satan was trying everything in his limited power to stop God’s mission for us, but how God prevails, always! We shared how satan was attacking not only our families but our church families. We talked about the world crisis of hatred, lack of morals, and values. We talked about our vision to open a coffee shop where everyone was welcome. Where everyone would have value and know that they are loved.

Two hours later… We had gotten up to leave, we were walking to our cars, still discussing God’s hand on our lives and how grateful we are to serve a merciful, loving God. We had sat for two hours, so my legs were a tad “wobbly”. Most of you all know I have MS, and my legs do what they want when they want to. So, as we were walking along my leg just stopped, refusing to make any movement forward, but my body did not have any part of that, my upper torso kept going. Unfortunately, when the upper half decides to keep on moving in a forward direction, and the lower half does not there is usually a less than happy landing. Well, that day was no different. I landed a full force “face-plant” on the sidewalk. I hit with so much force that it knocked the wind out of me for a second. I was bleeding from my forehead, my nose, my mouth.  What is incredible is, as I was falling, I saw this scarred hand come up and cover my face. I know that it was the hand of God. God’s hand took the full impact of what I should have taken, but God’s hand of protection was there. I know I was the recipient of the Hand of God covering me, protecting me from the full impact! Just as He took each of our sins upon the Cross that day. 

I need to back up just for a hair. I have been on many medicines that have a negative impact on bone density for many years. In reality, I should have the bone density of a 90 plus-year-old, but by the grace of God my bone density at 66 is that of a 48-year-old…So what could have been/should have been, a skull fracture, broken eye sockets, broken cheek, broken nose, broken jaw/chin, broken hand, broken teeth, and broken knee cap…ended up with just a busted lip, banged up nose, sore hands and sore right knee (remember my left leg refused to join in the party lol).

I managed to sit up. It was not under my own power, that I can attest to. But as I was sitting there security drove by. I flagged her down. At that point Pastor Kristen had gone back to the restaurant to get some ice. The manager of the restaurant came back with her and offered assistance. AT that point I knew my legs would not cooperate so I just continued to sit there with ice on my face.  The security guard had tried to help me up but still, my left leg refused to cooperate.  She radioed some other security guards. They were concerned about everything. And I mean everything. They were overly concerned that I was going to sue the company, I’m sure. I did my best to reassure them that I was not suing anyone. That I live with this and have fallen before and will undoubtedly fall again.

Kristen and I did our best to lighten the mood for them, laughing with them once they stopped trying to “play doctor” and diagnose the severity of my injuries so to speak.  It was 10-15 minutes of them trying to figure out what to do and Kristen and I trying to put them at ease. The security team told us that they were unable to assist me in getting to my feet, so they called fire/rescue. The paramedics arrived, helped me up. They did all the work. They got me to my feet, asked me for some information. Of course, the first question they ask all “older” people is “are you on blood thinners?” Why does everyone think that anyone over 60 MUST be on blood thinners lol. When I responded with a no, they looked shocked but continued to gather my info and ultimately decide that I was okay to head home on my own. In other words, they assessed that I was coherent, aware of time, place, and circumstances. I was alert and oriented to my surroundings, so I was okay to leave.

Prayerfully, we made a positive impact on those around us, to see the hand of Christ through the circumstances. I pray that we honored God during this time. Both Pastor Kristen and I stated several times, that God had his hand on me or things would have been so much worse.

Ultimately, we saw the hand of God’s protection written all over our entire afternoon. From our delicious meal to enjoying our conversation together to being the light of Christ to others when things could have been different.
God’s promise to be with us during life’s struggles is a promise He keeps. His Word is true today, yesterday, and tomorrow. His love for us knows no bounds. He is with us in the big things and in the small things.

Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

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