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Wednesday, February 16 2022
Unexpected Grace

          Have you ever had one of those opportunities that dropped in your lap and although you weren’t so sure about it, the experience became a blessing beyond compare? That happened to me this week.  A close friend of mine had a family emergency and was headed out of town. Our first response in those moments is ‘how can I help?’ I had run down a list of possible ways to help in my mind, but this one was unexpected.  “Can you take Grace to her mammogram appointment?” Instantly, I entered a battle of the wills in my mind. I love Grace dearly and would do anything to help her, but the ‘what if’ battle was gaining traction. Grace is a precious elderly friend with some limitations in movement; what if I, with my own physical limitations, was unable to help her? What if they didn’t allow me into the health facility because of covid restrictions? What if my own physical limitations made me inadequate to truly help her when she needed me? What if, what if, they just kept coming until my car pulled up to Grace’s home.

         I went up to her door and knocked-no answer. I knocked again, no answer.  I peered through the window, while I could see her walker, I couldn’t see Grace. What if my ‘what ifs’ were becoming reality? I went back to my car to grab my phone and try calling her, again no answer! But then, just as a hundred different scenarios started to pop up in my mind, her door creaked open and out came Grace.  “Oh, thank goodness, Grace, you scared me!” “ A girl’s gotta pee you know. Don’t worry about me!” she replied.

        I walked her to the car and watched as the Lord knocked down every single ‘what if’ scenario that I had concocted in my head. He softened the hearts of the security guards, the registration people, and the mammogram techs so that I was allowed to be by her side the whole time. After all, it was the Lord’s plan that day, that I see Grace.

         Now for those unfamiliar with mammograms, think x-ray machine combined with yoga exercises. I think if they could find a way to make you stand on your head for the imaging, they would! But for someone with physical limitations like Grace, this process can be both excruciating and discouraging. But if you know Grace, discouraging is not part of her vocabulary.  After each pose, after each image and after each break for her to catch her breath, Grace spoke, “Thank you for your kindness,” “Thank you for being patient with me,” “You are being very nice to me, thank you for your kindness.” Over and over I heard Grace speak and tears rolled down my cheeks as I witnessed the beauty and purity of grace. As I choked back the tears, I heard the Lord say, “Everyone needs more Grace.”

         And there it was, my limitations were not physical at all, they were spiritual! How much grace did I really possess to pour out on others? How many opportunities to have grace for others do I miss? How often do I take grace for granted? As I stood near Grace that day, I saw her beauty and purity as my true inadequacies were revealed.  I needed more grace! I was reminded that grace is a gift, and it is beautiful but never should it be unexpected in the life of a follower of Jesus.

~ Pastor Kristen

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