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Sawgrass Community Church
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Most people would agree that the world needs a renovation even if we disagree on what needs renovating and how to do it. Over 2000 years ago, one person came to renovate the world by renovating our hearts. There's no doubt that Jesus came to start a revolution- a revolution of the world that would start in each person's heart.

It was a revolution not of this world nor human hands but a revolution birthed in mercy, grace, forgiveness, and most importantly love. As followers of Christ, we are commanded to be His ambassadors in a fallen (or lost) world, pouring out His mercy, grace, forgiveness, and love over and into others, no exceptions!


In order for us to be His ambassadors, we must first be willing to change ourselves, submitting wholly to His will above all worldly things and making room in our hearts and lives for Him to rule. John the Baptist said it best, "I must decrease so that He may increase."(John


Here at Sawgrass, we are committed to revolutionizing the way the church is lived daily, by being purposeful in "Loving in Ways That Matter." We recognize that if we want to be impactful in our relationships and our community, we must first let Jesus impact us and fill us up in His Word, His truth, and His Spirit. We are all looking to live with purpose and impact. So, we invite you to join us on this 'renovation' journey in 2020 as we fill ourselves with Him so He can use us in our daily comings and goings to pour His love into others.

    Sawgrass Community Church
    **Currently, we are meeting in person as well as online using ZOOM. You can view the sermons on our YouTube channel or our *new* Vimeo channel or listen to them on podcasts. The opportunities are endless! If you would like to join us, please contact us with your email so you can get the appropriate link.**

    We meet at 5901 Taylor Street inside Church of the Nazarene Hollywood |Hollywood, FL 33021 | PH: (954) 475-8700
    Mailing Address| P. O. Box # 841123
    Pembroke Pines, Fl 33084
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